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Internet access at Utrecht University


Solis ID and Solis password

A few weeks before the start of your course, you will receive a so-called Solis ID and Solis-password in two separate e-mails. The Solis ID is your username which grants you access to various university ICT services.

You do not need to use the Solis ID prior to the start of your course. Once your classes start, you can use your Solis ID and Solis password to gain access to the public university computers in the university libraries and class buildings.


For WiFi access in university buildings, you will need to use a longer version of your Solis ID. This is the Solis ID you have received followed by '@soliscom.uu.nl'. The password you use is the same as for logging on to the computer.

Forgot your password?

Go to the password self-service and click on the ‘Forgotten my password’ link. You will be asked to enter your Solis ID. After that, an activation link will be sent to your private email address that is known to Utrecht University. That link will take you to the screen where you can choose a new password.

Changing your password

Use your Solis ID and password to log in to the password self-service. Select ‘Change password’ and enter a new password.

Using the public university computers

You can access the public university computers with your personal Solis ID and Solis password. Please note that you cannot save any files onto these computers. Therefore, it is advisable to bring a USB-stick.