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Dutch Bassoon Academy week #2

Organizing institution
HKU University of the Arts Utrecht, HKU Utrechts Conservatorium
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€ 550
Advanced bachelor level

Dutch Bassoon Academy at the Utrecht Summer School 2017 Boost your bassoon playing. Masterclasses on advanced techniques, ergonomics, development and acoustics of the bassoon. Discover new music and new possibilities; improvisation, jazz, pop and instrument maintenance. Perform your new skills on stage. Teachers: Bram van Sambeek, Maarten Vonk, Alexandre Silvério, Johan Steinmann and others.

Helping you master the bassoon: choose the Dutch Bassoon Academy at the Utrecht Summer School in the Netherlands the summer of 2017.

Two weeks of different courses:
week 1 July 17 - 23 2017
 week 2: July 21 - 28 2017

At the beginning of each course internationally renowned repairman Maarten Vonk will teach about instrument maintenance, acoustics optimization of reed, crook and instrument as well as ergonomics, thus all contestants will start with a good working bassoon and better understanding about the acoustics of their instrument.

In each week of the course physiotherapists (and bassoon players themselves) Wim ten Brinke and Mark Floors will give practical lectures on posture, instrument handling and breathing technique and exercises in order to prevent physical complaints from bassoon playing.

During week #1 emphasis will be on the advanced techniques for playing compositions the likes of Berio, Yun, Stockhausen and other contemporaries as well as some late Romantic repertoire from par example France. World wide rising star on the bassoon Bram van Sambeek (professor at the The Hague Royal Conservatoire) will guide you through the technical difficulties regarding breath control, fingerings, reeds, practicing, stamina and performing. In classes attended by all contestants each player will get personal tuition and will perform on the spot and watch the others being taught. Ensemble playing is provided with special repertoire for bassoons. The technical levels of these pieces will be from advanced bachelor to higher up the standard.

In week #2 playing jazz and pop repertoire and improvisation will be the main course. Technically demanding parts will be explored under guidance of Alexandre Silvério from Brazil the great soloist, ensemble (Osesp bassoons) and jazz performer, arranger and professor of bassoon at the "Escola Municipal de Música de São Paulo". You‘ll play Donna Lee by Charlie Parker transcribed for bassoon solo and bassoon ensemble. Plus other compositions very worthwhile playing, practicing and performing. In this week amplified bassoon playing will be practiced to enable bassoonists to perform really well in a “loud” environment like a band with percussion and other amplified instruments. Several system of pick ups and amplification will be reviewed and tried.

Bassoon teacher (40 years at the Royal Conservatory of the Hague in the Netherlands) Johan Steinmann will be present in both weeks along with Bram and Alexander to help you master any upcoming challenge.
Bassoonist Freek Sluijs (30 years Netherlands Radio Philharmonic Orchestra (RFO), 15 years Hexagon Ensemble) will be co-host and is at hand to guide all contestants through the day by introducing classes, teachers events, coffee breaks and concerts.

Tags: advanced techniques, pop and jazz improvisation, ergonomics, development and acoustics of the bassoon, instrument maintenance, amplified bassoon playing, ensemble playing

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Freek Sluijs


students and professional players, level: advanced bachelor


Bring your bassoon playing to a higher level during a week of intensive training, playing, and performing. Guided by professional bassoonists from the Netherlands and Brazil


6 hours + 2 hours self-study

- classes on musical subjects with the teacher, including some performing in the classroom
-lectures on technical subjects
-classes on posture, preventing and cure of physical complaints
-group playing of provided compositions for bassoon ensemble


• € 550 - Course + course materials
• € 750 - Course + course materials + housing

Housing is available from Friday afternoon 28 Jul to Friday 4 August. You can pick up your keys between 3 pm and 5 pm.

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Utrecht Summer School doesn't offer scholarships for this course.


Maarten Vonk

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Deadline for registration: 01 May 2017

Application closed