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Dutch Organ and Carillon Music

Organizing institution
HKU University of the Arts Utrecht - Utrecht Conservatory
Course code
Course fee (no housing)
€ 600.00

The course offers an introduction to the field of Dutch Organ and Carillon Music. The Low Countries (former Northern part of France, Belgium and the Netherlands) are famous when it comes different kinds of Churchmusic. Even today, in a secular society, churches are in the center of musical life in the Netherlands. In this course we will give you a practical and historical inside view into the world of playing organ and carillon in the city of Utrecht and the near surroundings.

The Utrecht Dom church will be the center of our attention this week. Both the organ and the carillon of this church are famous in the Netherlands. Teachers and students of HKU Utrecht Conservatory will guide you during workshops and tours on several instruments in and around the city. The main goal of this course is giving you the opportunity to connect organ and carillon as two sides of the same powerful musical culture. We expect you to be interested in this quest and to have practical basic skills in either playing organ or carillon.

1. Academic track: lectures and workshops on dedicated topics regarding history of organ and carillon music in the Netherlands.
2. Practical training: Workshops on playing organ and carillon.
3. Practical research: by making a short presentation about your personal quest into the connection between organ and carillon playing.

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Jos Schillings
Course + course materials € 600.00

Jos Schillings - jos.schillings@hku.nl

Application deadline: 01 April 2018