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Musician 3.0 Presenting Kobranie - A course about Conducted Improvisation

Organizing institution
HKU University of the Arts Utrecht - Utrecht Conservatory
Course code
Course fee (no housing)
€ 600.00

In this intensive course we will work on music improvisation, according to the method of Kobranie.  You will learn about musical leadership, conduction, instant composing, free improvisation, creativity in music improvisation, associative playing and thinking, collaboration in music and much more. The participants form the ensemble which works on these skills in both a practical and theoretical way. The course is open for all instruments and vocalists.

Kobranie is a method developed by (a.o.) Esmée Olthuis and, amongst other methods, uses as a basic improvisation tool within the department Musician 3.0/Music Performance Artist, a bachelor department of HKU conservatory. The main thing about this method is that it works with groups of improvising players and a processor. There are about a hundred directional musical signs to be used by the processor as well as the players. The focus is to become a collaborative team with players and processors and make music that can only be created in the moment.
We will work on musical improvisation in a genre-transcending matter; all styles and musical backgrounds are included, all kind of players are included. Creative processes will be leading in, and part of our group improvisations and training and experimenting. There is ample space for your own ideas about musical improvisation, composition en creative processes. We will work on your creative and improvisational skills through exercises and assignments, theory sessions, articles to read, and much more.
It is not so much your level of playing that matters but rather the creativity of your ideas that lets the music flow.

Inspirations: Stephen Nachmanovitch: Free Play, Improvisation: Derek Bailey, The artist’s Way: Julia Cameron, Learning by Heart: Corita Kent & Jan Steward, Creative Block: get unstuck, discover new ideas: Danielle Krysa

Also see: http://www.kobranie.nl

The application and selection process for the Kobranie course will start in June 2018. For more info on application and selection criteria, please contact course leader Christian.boel@hku.nl

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Course director

Christian Boel


Esmée Olthuis
Jeffrey Noordijk
Hans Vermunt
Géonne Hartman

Target audience

This course is open to Bachelor or Master students from all musical backgrounds. We are looking for music students who are open to learning from others, who like to think outside the box and are eager to work with a diverse team of musicians. Experienced as well as unexperienced players are welcome to join.


Course + course materials € 600.00


Application deadline: 01 June 2018