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The battle against uggliness

Organizing institution
HKU University of the Arts Utrecht - Design
Course code
Course fee (no housing)
€ 1000.00

There’s no better space to question views on aesthetics than the public space. Over the years interventions in the city are made based on the ruling aesthetic views of the day. During this course you’ll take a look at the city of Utrecht and make your own proposal for a spatial intervention to a spot in the city of your own choice a bit more beautiful.

After a short introduction into spatial design you’ll roam the streets of Utrecht during a field trip. During this excursion you’ll examine with your fellow students the beautiful and ugly sights of the city. You’ll choose one spot that you find particularly ugly. In the following workshop days you’ll be challenged to envision a spatial intervention that will make the place more beautiful. Your choices will be placed in a historical context of views on aesthetics in relation to architecture and city planning. Lecturers and fellow students will give feedback on your spatial proposals as you work in the workshop(s) of the HKU Design school. At the last day you’ll present your proposal by means of a prototype.

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Course director

Marcel Ponjee


Marcel Ponjee

Target audience

bachelor student with an interest in art, (urban) design, aesthetics, visualizing and prototyping

Course aim

To get an insight in urban and spatial design, to relationships between architecture and aesthetics and an experience in visualizing and prototyping

Study load

3 lectures, 1 excursion, 5 workshop days, 1 presentation day


Course + course materials € 1000.00

The basic materials are covered. Working with more expansive materials is at your own expanse.

Required documents

For this course you are required to upload the following documents when applying:

More information

For further information contact HKU Design education coordinator Marianne Kelderman, Marianne.kelderman@hku.nl


Application deadline: 02 July 2018