Introduction to Management Analytics in Industry: Quantative Methods and Data Analytics

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Utrecht University - Faculty of Law, Economics and Governance
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€ 495.00
Advanced Bachelor
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Disciplines of management are becoming more and more data-driven. Some might say that understanding data is the essential skill of the 21st century.

Students will be introduced to the intruiging world of data and data-analytics using theory and real world examples. During the morning sessions the basic concepts are discussed and in the afternoons students will practice the newly acquired skills in various domains of quantitive management.  

Disciplines of management are increasing becoming data-driven. For example, marketing can no longer rely only on traditional media delivering mass audiences and consumers in the age of social media are losing their tolerance for unwanted promotions; and the active management and utilisation of consumer and competitor data are becoming critical competitive advantages.

This course has been created to introduce students to the changing world of data-driven management and to develop conceptual understanding as well as some basic competencies in various domains of quantitative management. Next to participating in lectures on the theoretical sides to Management Analytics, students will work on real world examples in class too.

The course will not assume or attempt to develop any specific computer programming skills, but basic competency in MS Excel would be important. Also, although this course will assume a reasonable level of numeracy, students will not be exposed to advanced mathematics. 

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Course director

drs. Peter O. van der Meer


Hans-Peter Bakker (Rhodes University, South Africa)

Target audience

Students on management programmes or students interested in developing a greater awareness, understanding and some basic competencies of the world of data-driven management.

Typically, this student would not yet have specialised in quantitative methods. Students who have done some introductory statistics may benefit through refreshing their knowledge and hopefully extend their grasp of application.


€ 495.00
Housing € 200.00 , through Utrecht Summer School


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Application deadline: 20 June 2018