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Supply Chain and Business Operations Management

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Utrecht University, Faculty of Law, Economics and Governance (UU)
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€ 675
Master level

Supply Chain performance in a globalized economy requires new approaches to maintain and improve a firmīs competitive edge for long term success. Part of this success can be achieved by aligning sourcing decisions and activities with their supply chain partners. This supply chain alignment refers to collaborative demand forecasting, capacity and production planning, inventory management, logistics and pricing decisions. In order to join this course a minimum of working knowledge of MS Excel is needed.

In today's global business environment many companies have increasingly decentralized and outsourced a wide range of their business activities. This ranges from manufacturing, IT, Administration, Marketing and others.
Decentralization creates huge coordination and organizational problems to align all business activities in a way that meets customer expectation in time, quality, quantity and place. Configuring global supply chains to streamline all activities is a rapid developing and exciting field where new tools and models are developed to match firm's supply with customer demand. In a supply chain context specific problems arise like the bullwhip effect, which will be shown in game setting simulation. In this coordination process modern IT-tools play a crucial role to achieve a competitive edge for a firm, whereby all supply chain partners can benefit. Supply chain coordination encompasses a wide range of activities like supply chain design, demand forecasting, inventory planning, pricing decisions, logistics and capacity planning. This course focuses on models which support management in optimizing the supply chain performance and their operational and strategic decision making.

Tags: supply chain, supply chain management, inventory management, logistics, demand forecasting, capacity planing, production planning

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Drs Jan Renaud


Advanced Bachelor and Master Students as well as professional working in the field of Supply Chain of organizations


The course has been designed for students who want to further their knowledge of business operations within a supply chain frame.
The course is not only interesting for advanced bachelor students and master student of business studies, but can also benefit practitioners working in the field of Supply Chain of professional organizations.


The course has a study load of 5 days.
Morning session: 9.30 - 12.30
Afternoon session: 13.30 - 16.30


• € 675 - Course + course materials + housing
• € 475 - Course + course materials


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Deadline for registration: 01 June 2017

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