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This course examines the challenge posed to Europe and the US by the rise of domestic and international terrorism. It will explore the impact of September 11 events, and also probe the roots of modern...

Bachelor level
02-July-2018 - 20-July-2018
7.5 ECTS
€ 1095.00

Freedom of expression and access to information through any media is a universal human right and essential if people are to exercise their other human rights and protect the rights of others. How a...

Advanced Bachelor level
02-July-2018 - 06-July-2018
2.0 ECTS
€ 300.00

Introduction into filmmaking. Training in basic storytelling and practical skills that are required for shooting and editing a short film.

To become a successful filmmaker you will need a lo...

Bachelor level
20-August-2018 - 31-August-2018
3.0 ECTS
€ 1000.00