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Application closed

Application closed

This 5-day course zooms in on the key concepts of Bayesian Statistics and advanced techniques for data-analysis. Topics that are covered include: Bayes’ theorem, Gibbs sampling, the Metropolis-Hasting...

PhD level
30-April-2018 - 04-May-2018
0.0 ECTS
€ 700.00

This summer school course ''Applied Multivariate Analysis'' offers hands-on experience using SPSS for the most frequently encountered multivariate statistical techniques in the social and behavioural ...

Advanced Bachelor level
20-August-2018 - 31-August-2018
3.0 ECTS
€ 550.00

Application closed

NOTE: this course is fully booked!

The course Data science: Data analysis is the art and science of tackling questions like these by looking at data. Data analysis and visualiza...

Master level
30-July-2018 - 03-August-2018
1.5 ECTS
€ 600.00

The course Introduction to Econometrics using Stata is in particular useful for students who lack a sufficient basic knowledge of statistics, regression analyses and/or Stata. During the course studen...

Bachelor level
20-August-2018 - 31-August-2018
0.0 ECTS
€ 800.00

This course introduces the concepts, principles, and use of molecular methods in epidemiologic research. We will focus on the use of molecular markers to study relationships with chronic disease and e...

Advanced Master level
02-July-2018 - 06-July-2018
1.5 ECTS
€ 1000.00