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Innovation is key for companies to adapt to a rapidly changing business environment, and is arguably the most important factor for long-...

Bachelor level
02-July-2018 - 10-August-2018
€ 2245

In a rapidly changing business environment, matters like user-experience and customer journey are of growing economic importance. Companies often struggle with these concepts, as it requires a comp...

Bachelor level
16-July-2018 - 27-July-2018
4.0 ECTS
€ 840.00

There’s no better space to question views on aesthetics than the public space. Over the years interventions in the city are made based on the ruling aesthetic views of the day. During this course y...

Bachelor level
20-August-2018 - 30-August-2018
2.0 ECTS
€ 1000.00

21st-century pupils require 21st-century lessons. Are you bored using the same text books and materials that have been around forever? Wouldn’t you like creating exciting blended lessons which can ...

Bachelor level
06-August-2018 - 17-August-2018
4.0 ECTS
€ 900.00