Decision Management and Business Rules Management

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This course will provide fundamental knowledge about Decision Management and Business Rules Management. Organisations execute numerous decisions each day, based on an increasing amount of data. Technology offers increasing possibilities for automating or supporting such decision-making. Decision Management and Business Rules Management enables organisations to progress from relatively simple task automation beyond workflow and process automation, into decision-centric automation. This course provides students with the theoretical background and hands-on experience regarding the capabilities required to innovate using Decision Management and Business Rules Management.

In this course, both theoretical background and hands-on experience with Decision Management and Business Rules Management are provided. Knowledge about essential concepts, processes, principles, architecture and tooling will be addressed as well as interrelationships with processes, data and architecture domains. This knowledge enables the students to design and implement Decision Management and Business Rules Management capabilities such as elicitation, design, specification, verification, validation, deployment, execution, monitoring and governance of decisions and business rules. 

This course comprises two tracks; the first track focuses on the theoretical foundations, which features theory from peer-reviewed scientific contributions published by conferences and journals. This theory is explained through examples from professional practice from various (highly-regulated) industries such as financial governmental, legal and medical.

Automation of decisions and business rules will be practiced in the hands-on track of the course using the decision-management system 'Camunda". 

After the course, the participants:

  • Can explain the capabilities required for proper Decision Management and Business Rules Management;
  • Can combine knowledge gained about concepts, principles, processes, data, and architecture to design organisation-specific Decision Management and Business Rules Management capabilities;
  • Understand how to separate the ‘know’ from the ‘flow’;
  • Can formulate Decisions and Business Rules from various sources;
  • Can test Decisions and Business Rules in relevant tooling;
  • Understand the architecture and functionalities of a Decision Management/Business Rules Management tool.

Important: we aim to provide this course on-site at the HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht. However, we are also prepared to switch to online-only mode when governmental restrictions are introduced or in place because of the current Covid-19 pandemic. Due to this uncertain situation, we will announce the approach and interaction forms concerning this course at a later stage in 2021 (June-July).

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Course director
Dr. ing. Koen Smit


Koen Smit

Matthijs Berkhout

Sam Leewis

John van Meerten (lab assistant)

Target audience

Students and professionals who are interested in decision management, business rules management, and automation of (mainly operational) decision-making. Practitioners who want to know more about how to separate the ‘how’ from ‘processes and procedures’, how to translate the ‘how’ into the implementation of business rules, and how to utilize mining techniques to improve (semi) automated decision-making. This course can both be followed standalone and in addition to the Business Process Management and IT course. 

The course does not cover strategic decision-making and requires basic knowledge of IT.

Aim of the course

Provide course members with insights and practical experience on Decision Management and Business Rules Management.

Study load

5 days, 6-8 contact hours per day, 1-2 self-study hours per day.


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Course + course materials
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Utrecht Summer School


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01 June 2021