Digital Leadership: A Crucial Role in Digital Transformations

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HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht - Economics and Management
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€ 950.00
Advanced Bachelor
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As organisations are challenged by the increasing pace of new technology, strong digital leadership is needed. Digital transformation is the increasing adoption of digital tools and technologies by an organisation to fundamentally alter both its internal and external processes and functions. The digital transformation of enterprises is enabled and guided by digital leaders with both business and IT competences, professionalism at individual level, and a strategic vision on digital capabilities at enterprise level. This course offers the theoretical and practical tools needed for becoming one of the digital leaders of the future.

Digital leaders lead the way towards new ways of working and facilitate the increase of the digital competences of individuals in tandem with the collective organisational capabilities of the enterprise. This is what successful enterprises are doing. But it remains a big challenge for many businesses.

The Digital Leadership course prepares you to be a digital leader within your organisation. During the course we discuss what it takes to be a digital leader (as an individual, as an organisation or as government). Topics that will be addressed are business IT alignment, corporate governance of IT, legislative aspects, competences and skills (e.g. European Competence framework) and the leading framework Business Information Services Library.

Besides a theoretical background, the course also offers a practical approach. You will explore the complexity and develop your skills in digital leadership in a hands-on business simulation in which you will be part of a team that is responsible for the performance of smooth running business processes and information systems while translating organisational goals to operational actions and dealing with new technological developments and every day business concerns. Furthermore, the BiSL Foundation theory is discussed. The course also offers the opportunity to familiarize yourself with a set of different aspects that are all relevant to digital leadership. Based on real life cases and experiences of the candidates different challenges are discussed with input from essential theoretical frameworks and concepts.

BiSL® is a registered trade mark of ASL BiSL Foundation. The BiSL Foundation training in this course is conducted in cooperation with The Lifecycle Company, an Accredited Training Organisation and home of the BiSL framework.

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Course director

Benny de Waal


Benny de Waal

Frank van Outvorst

Target audience

Anybody who wants to prepare his or her organisation for the digital future and/or wishes to develop their digital leadership skills.

Course aim

After successful completion of this program, you will have a clear focus on business information management, from both a theoretical as well as a practical (personal) perspective, and leadership issues in relation to digital transformation of organisations.

Study load

10 days, 5-7 hours a day excluding 1-2 hours self-study


Course fee
€ 950.00
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€ 350.00

Housing through Utrecht Summer School


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Application deadline: 01 July 2019