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Health and Engineering

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HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht, Healthcare (HU)
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€ 905
Bachelor level

The course Health and Engineering has a specific focus on built environments and building services technologies, as well as aspects of human factors. Furthermore, the latest developments trends and innovations in the field of technology in the home or care environment will be treated in this course. The following themes will be discussed in detail: 1. Health and Environment, 2. Well-being in care environment, 3. Comfort, Care and Lighting, 4. Acoustic and Health, 5. Design for Dementia Care, 6. Technology, ageing in place, E-Health, 7. E-Health and monitoring, 8. Technology at home, 9. Older people, Health and Technology

The domain of engineering is becoming an increasingly relevant player in healthcare and the promotion thereof. The importance of engineering for health is elucidated in this summer course, which has a specific focus on built environments and building services technologies, as well as aspects of human factors. Among the features treated in the summer course are the emergence of healing environments in hospital facilities, solutions that are provided through engineering to limit the risks of biological agents (Legionella, MRSA, vermin, house dust mites), and the impact of lighting and the acoustic and thermal environment (temperature) of well-being and health of patients, nursing home residents and care professionals. Moreover, aspects of human factors are addressed, as engineering solutions are to be utilised by all occupants, including those with special needs. Proceedings within the domain of engineering are coupled to developments and transitions in healthcare. The aforementioned developments are the focus of this course, which consists of workshops, lectures and excursions. Our (inter)national speakers, who have a background in health and engineering, reflect the international character of the summer course.

Tags: care, e-health, healing environment, user perspective, design, technology, comfort, lighting, acoustics, human factors

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Ir. Emelieke Huisman & Dr. Sigrid Vorrink


Dutch and international students (bachelor level) and professionals with interest on or experience in the domains of engineering and healthcare are the main target groups of this summer course.


Enhancement of the knowledge in health and engineering through:
- Introduction in health and engineering
- Enhancement of state of the art knowledge
- Excursions and assignments


Day programme from 09:00 - 16:00 hours


• € 905 - Course + course materials + housing
• € 555 - Course + course materials


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Ir. Emelieke Huisman
E: emelieke.huisman@hu.nl
T: 0031 88 481 5200

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Deadline for registration: 01 June 2017

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