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Donkey Medicine

Organizing institution
Utrecht University, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine (UU)
Course code
Course fee (incl. housing)
€ 1000
Master level

During this course, similarities and differences between donkeys and horses are addressed, as well as their consequences for clinical practice. Veterinarian practitioners, particularly equine practitioners, are consulted by donkey owners on a regular basis for the diagnosis and treatment of their donkey(s). Although donkeys resemble horses to a certain extent, quite some differences between these species are evident as well. In this course, the relevance of these differences for among others optimal diagnostic and treatment protocols for donkeys in veterinary practice are discussed, as well as typical and/or species-specific diseases and abnormalities in donkeys (including the treatment options).

A short overview of included topics:
- donkey behavior
- anatomy and physiology
- diagnostics, including clinical signs and blood parameters
- internal medicine, including metabolic disorders
- nutrition
- orthopedic problems, lameness and hoof disorders
- dentistry
- pharmacology and pharmacotherapy (with emphasis on analgesics)
- anesthesiology (including field protocols)
- parasitology
- fertility and reproduction

Participants of the course will be provided with study materials and literature, which can be used to prepare for lectures, working groups or seminars. These interactive meetings are intended to optimally exchange information between the participants and the involved experts, leading to better insight in the concerning topics. Next to (guided) self-study and educational meetings, practical aspects will be part of the course as well, including behavior and animal handling, dentistry and hoofcare (by means of field trips).

Tags: donkey, horse, veterinary, treatment, physiology, nutrition, diagnostics, behavior

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Dax Vendrig, DVM, PhD, Dipl ECVPT


Students with a Bachelor's degree in Veterinary Medicine interested in donkey medicine. Students with other (biomedical) Bachelor's degrees are welcome to submit their motivation as well.


The course aims to provide insight and skills with regard to clinical practice in donkeys, particularly by comparing donkeys and horses. Relevant differences (and similarities) are translated into the practical consequences for among others diagnostic and treatment protocols. Moreover, typical and/or species-specific diseases and abnormalities in donkeys (including the treatment options) are addressed.


The course consists of lectures, assignments/case studies, working groups/seminars and practical sessions.


• € 1000 - Course + course materials + housing
• € 650 - Course + course materials

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Utrecht Summer School doesn't offer scholarships for this course.


J.C. (Dax) Vendrig

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Deadline for registration: 15 May 2017