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Exploring the Human Connectome: Fundamentals of Network Science and Graph Theory for Brain Networks

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Utrecht University, Faculty of Medicine (UU)
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€ 850
PhD level

Brain function depends on effective processing and integration of information within a complex network of neural interactions, forming a network we know as the connectome. This summer school course will teach the fundamentals of how network science / graph theory can be used to examine human connectome maps.

We are back! After two successful and fully booked summerschool editions, we are now back for a third edition!:

Brain function depends on effective processing and integration of information within a complex network of neural interactions, a network we all became to know (and love) as the human connectome. Advances in MR imaging in combination with the application of network science has led to a rapid growth of the field of human connectomics in the last years. This course will teach the fundamentals of MRI-based connectomics. We will talk about reconstruction and analysis of anatomical and functional MRI derived human connectome maps (day 1), explain (and practice!) the application of basic (day 2) and advanced (day 4 & 5) graph metrics and teach on different strategies to do patient-control statistics on connectome data (day 3). During the 5-day course, there is ample opportunity to put all new material directly into practice during afternoon workshop sessions. A unique feature of this summer school is that we encourage participants to work on their own MRI connectome data during the course.

Visit our website www.dutchconnectomelab.nl for more information about the course (and also housing tips)! Or send us an email (see our website for contact information).

Tags: mri, connectomics, graph theory, network science, life sciences, diffusion mri, fmri

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Martijn van den Heuvel


This course is designed for PhD students and Post-docs. The course starts with an introductory to graph theory with a focus on neuroscience (day 1-3), application to disease datasets (day 3-5), followed by advanced graph theoretical topics later in the week (day 4-5). A (little bit) experience with programming is recommended. No previous experience with graph theory is needed. Participants will be asked to bring their own laptop with MATLAB installed to the course for the afternoon workshops.


Fundamentals of graph theoretical analysis for brain networks


5 days lectures (morning) and lots of time for hands on work during the workshops (every full afternoon)


• € 850 - Course + course materials + lunch

Early bird registration fee : 750 euro (registration before May 1 2017)

Registration fee includes everything to survive the day : lectures, workshops, course material, coffee, thee, lunch, afternoon snacks and drinks and a couple of fun social activities.

Please note that housing is not provided.

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Utrecht Summer School doesn't offer scholarships for this course.


Martijn van den Heuvel
E: m.p.vandenheuvel@umcutrecht.nl

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Deadline for registration: 01 July 2017

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