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Molecular Mechanisms in Cancer

Organizing institution
Utrecht University, Faculty of Medicine (UU)
Course code
Course fee (incl. housing)
€ 575
Advanced bachelor level

This course focuses on the molecular mechanisms that turn a normal cell into a cancer cell. We will explore the regulation of cell cycle progression, the control of transcription regulation and the signaling networks that enable cells to execute vital processes such as growth, division and migration, and how malfunctioning of these processes may lead to tumour formation and metastasis.

The students will be introduced to state-of-the-art methods in molecular cancer research and novel strategies for developing and testing drugs to halt the formation of tumours. The course combines lectures, discussions, laboratory tours, and a hands-on experiment.

The preliminary program includes the following topics (subject to change):
  • Day 1: oncogenes, tumour suppressors, tumor evolution, tumor segregation, signal transduction pathways.

  • Day 2: aneuploidy and cancer, cell adhesion in oncogenic transformation, intravital imaging of tumour progression and metastasis.

  • Day 3: sequencing the cancer genome, epigenetics and cancer, gene expression and cancer.

  • Day 4: stem cells and cancer, organoids, animal models in cancer research.

  • Day 5: personal genomes.

This course is organized by the research school Cancer, Stem cells and Developmental biology (www.csnd.nl) and will take place at the University Medical Center Utrecht (Department of Molecular Cancer Research) and the Hubrecht Institute for Developmental Biology and Stem Cell Research on campus ‘De Uithof’ of Utrecht University.

Tags: cancer, molecular biology, tumor, tumour, genomics, genetics, biotechnology, biology, medicine, stem cells, cell biology, oncology

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Prof. dr. ir. Boudewijn Burgering




Advanced bachelors/beginning masters in the (bio)medical and life sciences with a background in molecular biology, cell biology and genetics/genomics, as well as proficiency in English. Applicants go through a selection procedure, based on their c.v., motivation letter, grades and recommendation letter. Your application will be reviewed after you've submitted these files. We may however wait until we have a number of applicants so we can review them in one batch.
Maximum number of participants: 20.


Aim of the course: After following the course, students should be able to explain how cancer develops, which techniques and models are used to study the cancer process, and how knowledge of the cancer process can be used to improve diagnosis and treatment.


A typical day consists of 5-7 hrs contact with the teachers. There will be lectures and discussions in the morning and early afternoon, followed by lab tours or practical exercises (such as an educational game or a dry/wet lab exercise).


• € 575 - Course + course materials + housing
• € 375 - Course + course materials

Lunch is included each day for both fee options (including/excluding housing).


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Utrecht Summer School doesn't offer scholarships for this course.


Boudewijn Burgering
E: B.M.T.Burgering@umcutrecht.nl

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Deadline for registration: 15 June 2017

Application closed