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Course programme 2012

Code Title
A4 A Journey Through Dutch Art
S23 Advanced Course on Using Mplus
M43 Advanced Exposure Assessment in Environmental Epidemiology
S12 Alternative Education in the Netherlands
M17 Animal Models for Psychiatry?
H9 Applied Functional Programming in Haskell
S4 Applied Multivariate Analysis
A5 Art in Germany From the Middle Ages to the 20th Century
A16 Arts and Cultural Management
M27 Assistive Technology
C10 Audio for internet and 'live' radio
M16 Back to the Sea: Motor Learning and Performance in a Dynamic Environment
E18 Banking & the Financial Crisis
S8 Bilingual Education (CLIL): Professional Development for Teachers
L4 Bilingualism
M15 BioBusiness
E32 Business Ethics & Sustainability
C12 Camera Journalism (CAMJO)
E36 Capita Selecta Sustainability (in Italy)
M19 Cardiac Function in Health and Disease
M42 Challenges in Global Health
M1 Chemical Safety Assessment under REACH
E23 Choose Your Way: Business Logistics from A-Z
M25 Clinical Research Monitoring
M36 Clinical Translational Oncology
S3 Cognitive Neuroscience (Methods) for the Social Sciences
S7 Conflict Resolution and Mediation Skills
S1 Contemporary and International Conflict Management
S11 Contemporary Cities: Challenges & Opportunities
E50 Corporate Branding & Design
E16 Creating Shared Value (Advanced Sustainability)
S2 Creative Peace and Human Rights Education
S25 Cultural Emergency in Violent Conflict and Disaster Relief
H22 Darwin Summer School on Biogeosciences 2012
M23 Depression Management and Suicide Prevention
M3 Diagnostic Avian and Exotic Animals Pathology
C46 Discovering the Dutch: Dutch Culture and Society
E7 Doing Business in Europe
C5 Dutch Culture and Language
C3 Dutch Culture in a European Context
C2 Dutch Culture: History and Art
C43 Dutch Culture: Society and Current Issues
L28 Dutch Language and Culture for European Union Interpreters
L20 Dutch Language for German-Speaking Students
L2 Dutch Language Level 1
L3 Dutch Language Level 1
L1 Dutch Language Level 1
L38 Dutch Language Level 1 + 2 + 3
L39 Dutch Language Level 1 + 2 + 3
L5 Dutch Language Level 2
L7 Dutch Language Level 2
L19 Dutch Language Level 2
L26 Dutch Language Level 3
L27 Dutch Language Level 3
L8 Dutch Language Level 4
L25 Dutch Language Level 4
L17 Dutch Language Level 5
L9 Dutch Language Level 5
L36 Dutch Language Level 6
L30 Dutch Language: Erasmus Intensive Language Course (Breukelen)
L29 Dutch Language: Erasmus Intensive Language Course (Utrecht)
M12 Effective Teaching Techniques for Health Care Professionals
L22 English Elementary
L23 English Elementary + Intermediate
L24 English for Academic Purposes (August)
L21 English for Academic Purposes (July)
L33 English Intermediate (August)
L32 English Intermediate (July)
E27 Entrepreneurial Marketing
E26 Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice
M11 Environmental and Occupational Epidemiology
E5 European Business Skills
E15 European Business Skills, the Italian Version
C1 European Cultures & Identities
C4 European History: From Nationalism to Globalisation
E28 European Integration: the EU from West to East
E20 European Politics & Economy
C7 European Studies
A17 Event Design: Designing and Managing the Value of Experiences
L6 Evolution of Language
S28 Excellent Learning through Teaching Excellence
M31 Exploring Nature's Molecular Machines
M39 Eye Care and Diabetes: the Bigger Picture
E31 Financial Management for Non-Financials
E10 Foundations of Corporate Governance
A14 From European Theatre to World Cinema
A3 From Van Gogh to Picasso: Modern European and Dutch Art
M37 Gerontology and Geriatrics
C13 Global Citizenship Summer School
S22 Global Migration and Development
H11 Hands-on GIS for Earth Scientists
M29 Health & Engineering
A15 Highlights in European Theatre History
H5 History & Philosophy of Science: Revolutions in Science
A7 History of Art: a Thousand Years of Art in Northern Europe
A1 History of Art: European Highlights
A6 History of Art: Relations Between Italy and the Netherlands
C14 History of Business Systems and Entrepreneurship in Europe
C9 Holocaust and Genocide in Modern Europe
M40 Implementation and Professional Education of the Physician Assistant
S13 Inclusion: Dealing with Special Needs in the Classroom
M33 Infection meets Immunity
S10 Innovations for a Sustainable Future
L12 Introduction to Generative Syntax
M41 Introduction to Global Health
S14 Introduction to Multilevel Analysis
S20 Introduction to Structural Equation Modeling using Mplus
E4 Introductory Econometrics
E8 It is All about Money: Management Simulation Finance
A8 Italian History of Art (in Florence)
M34 Kinetics Therapy: the Added Value in Daily Life Activities
M2 Laboratory Animal Science
S19 Land Governance for Development
E17 Law, Leadership & Management
E30 Leadership for Sustainable Innovations
L34 Legal Dutch for European Union Interpreters
L40 LOT Summer School 2012
E19 M&A and Investment Banking
M5 Mathematical Modeling of Infectious Diseases
H7 Mathematics Education
S26 Methodologies & Technologies to promote oral communication in Language Education (Utrecht session)
L11 Micro and Macro Variation in Language
S6 Migration, Integration and Ethnic Relations
M35 Molecular Mechanisms in Cancer
M20 Molecular Recognition of Tick-Borne Pathogens
M6 Multi-Professional Cooperation in Stroke Management
M26 Multi-Professional Cooperation in the Care for Patients with Oral and/or Head & Neck Cancer
C11 Multimedia Storytelling
H6 Nanomaterials: Science and Applications
S24 New Features Mplus version 7
A2 Nothing Is What It Seems: Dutch Art of the Golden Age
M9 Nursing Leadership in an International Context
M38 Pediatric Oncology Nursing
M7 Pharmaceutical Policy Analysis
M14 Pharmacoeconomics
M8 Pharmacoepidemiology & Drug safety
H3 Physics of the Climate System
H23 Poisson 2012: Summer school and conference on Poisson Geometry
E48 Portfolio Management: Risk and the Behaviour of Investors
L31 Powers of Persuasion for Future Leaders
H25 Principles of Plant Community Analysis
E13 Project Management, From Theory to Practice
L10 Psycholinguistics
E12 Refreshing Mathematics A
M18 Regenerative Medicine
M24 Rehabilitation of the Hand
E24 Social Entrepreneurship
L16 Spanish Language for Beginners
L13 Statistics for Experimental Linguists
E1 Summer Institute for International Law & Policy
E14 Sustainable Business
E21 The Emergent Economy: Action Science and Design
S21 The New World (Dis) Order and the Challenge of Social Justice: Ethics and the Decolonial Option
E6 The Right Target; Management Simulation Marketing
H2 Theoretical Physics
M13 Toxicology and Environmental Health
E9 Transforming Entrepreneurship & Management through Spiritual Innovation
A13 Tuscany and the Low Countries: Artistic Relations (1450-1650)
E3 Visual Legal Advocacy