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Multidisciplinary Game Research

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Utrecht University, Faculty of Science (UU)
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€ 500
Master level

This summer course treats the study of games as a playful phenomenon, and teaches theories for the analysis of rules and narratives. Furthermore, the course provides an introduction to a number of enabling technologies, such as animation of virtual characters, crowd simulation, and natural interaction techniques. Persuasive games, aiming at the changing players’ attitude or behavior are analyzed and discussed. A number of application domains for serious games are considered.

The mulidisciplinary Game Research summer course offers lectures and hands-on experience on a broad spectrum of aspects related to applied and entertainment games. Applied games allow users to entertain, practice, experiment, and learn in a safe and motivating environment. Games play an increasingly important role in areas like education, healthcare, safety, urban planning, sustainability, creative industries, entertainment and other economic, cultural, and societal sectors.
The program of the summer school is organized in three tracks: Game and Play Studies, Game Technologies, Applied Games.
In the first track, the summer school students learn to understand and describe various theoretical perspectives used by game and media scientists, for example the role of sound tracks in games, the characteristics of location-based games, or how to engage with audiences or players in a novel way.
The Game Technologies track provides insight into the state-of-the-art of game technology, as well as the possibilities and limitations of such techniques, such as animation, crowd simulation, and interaction techniques. A demonstration of our motion capture lab, where peoples body motions are captured to transfer to virtual avatars, is part of the program.
In the Applied Games track, students learn for example about the role of curiosity and motivation in games, the different roles that digital games can play in the process of persuasion, and about exercise games.
The summer school is offered by researchers from the the Utrecht University Center for Game Research.

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Tags: multidisciplinary, games, gamification, playful, interaction, technology

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Joost Raessens, Remco Veltkamp


Bachelor, Master as well as PhD students.

The summer course is aimed at talented MA/MSc and PhD students who are interested in the analysis and development of computer games. It offers students an innovative multidisciplinary platform for learning about aspects of game technology, and game studies.


The aim of the course is to provide the students an understanding of various theoretical perspectives used by game and media scientists. The students get insight into the state-of-the-art of game technology, as well as the possibilities and limitations of such techniques.


There are ca. 8 hours of contact per day. These include lectures, workshops, demo's and discussion.


• € 500 - Course + course materials + housing
• € 300 - Course + course materials + lunch

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Joost Raessens
+31 30 253 6270

Remco Veltkamp
tel +31 30 253 4091

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Deadline for registration: 14 August 2017

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