Conflict Resolution and Mediation Skills

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This course provides you with a challenging introduction to conflict resolution and mediation skills. The focus of the course is to familiarize you with the backgrounds of human conflict behavior and to practice skills that enable you to resolve your own conflicts and to act as a mediator in conflict between others. Important topics are your own conflict behavior, the mediation process, the skills and the attitude of the mediator.

Conflicts occur everywhere; within families, between friends and at work. Most situations and professions require a high degree of collaboration between students, colleagues, managers and their employees. People often differ in their cooperation and have different priorities. While conflicts are common, people tend to ignore them. At the same time, conflicts also offer unexpected opportunities. In this way, conflict can also be a great learning experience.

The purpose of this course is to familiarize you with the backgrounds of human conflict behavior and to develop and practice conflict resolution and mediation skills. In mediation, the parties settle their disputes with the help of a third neutral party, the mediator. During the course you will explore conflict styles and develop and practice various communication and mediation skills. Practice and skills are central to this course. That is why you will be intensively trained by two teachers. An excursion may be part of the course. This course consists of two related themes: conflict resolution and mediation.

Both are crucial for a better understanding of third-party conflict. In the first part of the course you will be introduced to the concepts of communication, conflict and conflict styles. During the training you practice skills and gain insight into your own conflict behavior and the background from which it originates. In the second part of the course, the focus will be on the mediation process and the skills of the mediator. In mediation, the parties settle their disputes with the help of a mediator. This is a trained professional who uses various solution methods such as effective communication, exploration of (common) interests and creative problem solving. Mediators facilitate this highly constructive process where participants meet in person to discuss their concerns.

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Marion Uitslag, Tobia Westra


Tobia Westra and Marion Uitslag

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A mix of students and practitioners work very well in this course. The age can be from 18 - 80 years.

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You will be able to deal with your own conflicts much more effectively after this course and you can act as a third party in the conflict of others.


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A limited group of participants (18-20) is admitted to this course. We can accept 18 - 20 participants on a first come, first served basis. 


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15 July 2021