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Confronting Terrorism in Today's World

Organizing institution
University College Roosevelt - University College Roosevelt
Course code
Course fee (excl. housing)
€ 1095.00
This course examines the challenge posed to Europe and the US by the rise of domestic and international terrorism. It will explore the impact of September 11 events, and also probe the roots of modern terrorism and its relationship, if any, to the present struggle with ISIS and other Al Qaeda associated organizations. We will also examine the link between terrorism and the media; the increasingly important task of understanding and combating the process through which individuals become radicalized; and difficulties posed by the refugee crisis. The course will conclude with a research paper written at home after the course. 

International and domestic terrorism are listed among the top three threats facing humanity in 2017, according to the World Economic Forum. The aim of this course is to examine the challenge posed to Europe and the United States by terrorism through a more comprehensive understanding of why and how this threat has become so prevalent. The course will pay particular attention to the impact of the September 11th tragedy, but will also explore the roots of modern terrorism and its relationship, to the present struggle with ISIS and other Al Qaeda associated organizations.
Here the course will also explore the use of terrorism among such entities as the IRA, the Palestinian Liberation Organization, the American militia movement, and the actions of the Irgun in its campaign to secure the creation of the state of Israel. This, as a means to help us define terrorism and explore the range of options open to Western policy-makers in the face of this challenge. In doing so, the course will delve into the roles played by the American and European criminal justice systems, the military and intelligence services, diplomacy, foreign aid and other forms of “hard” and “soft” power in combating terrorism. The course will also examine the important link between terrorism and the media; the increasingly important task of trying to understand and combat the process through which individuals become radicalized in the digital age; and the challenges posed by the current refugee crisis.

This course consists of 3 weeks of taught course at UCR in Middelburg, and one week of individual work at home on a research paper.

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Course director

David B. Woolner


Dr. David Woolner

Course aim

Students in this class will gain a greater understanding of the history of terrorism and the range of policy options available today to try to combat this difficult and complex problem. Students will also learn about the important if unintentional role that the media—including the digital media—plays in modern terrorism, including the processes by which individuals become radicalized. Students will gain important analytical skills that will improve their ability to read and think critically, not only about past events, but also about contemporary issues. As such, this course may be especially helpful to those considering a career in foreign policy, criminal justice, law enforcement, the intelligence services, and other areas of public policy.

Study load

Class will be held Monday-Thursday from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Students will spend the afternoons and Fridays on reading and other assignments. At the end of the course, students are expected to complete a research paper which will count towards the grade.


Course + course materials € 1095.00
Housing € 500.00 , through University College Roosevelt

More information

Dr. David B. Woolner



Application deadline: 01 May 2018