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Contemporary and International Conflict Management

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Utrecht University, Faculty of Humanities (UU)
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€ 1130
Bachelor level

Conflict management has become a prominent field of inquiry and practice in three main areas: scholarly, policy-oriented, and operational. In this setting, the course aims to enhance understanding of violent conflict and conflict management. The sessions deal with the recent cases of Afghanistan, Lebanon, Liberia, the Sudans, Sri Lanka and Uganda as illustrative examples, but also study other conflicts around the world. In addition, attention will be paid to the emergence of IS and the issue of refugees.

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You will learn to map, analyse and frame contemporary conflict, and be introduced to theories that attempt to explain armed conflict. All this serves to sharpen your conceptual and analytical capacities to gain insight into a number of pertinent issues and tools in conflict analysis, conflict policy and conflict management.

There are special sessions on the recurrence of conflict, religion as a factor in conflict, and state fragility, as these issues form prominent topics of debate in the current field of conflict studies. We also discuss how particular discourses elevate certain issues into a security problem by explaining the notion of securitisation and particular ‘frames’ on violence. In addition, attention is paid to post-conflict themes, such as peace- and state building, the effects of political and military power sharing between former belligerents, and reconciliation and justice in the wake of civil war. Finally, attention is paid to how rebels govern areas under their control. Throughout the lectures, we introduce policy approaches and instruments to deal with conflict and/or attain peace.

All participants receive an electronic reader with the course literature at the beginning of the course. The reader contains a number of scholarly, policy-oriented, and operational articles, as well as specific readings on the cases.

The lecturers delivering this Summer Course are linked to the Centre for Conflict Studies (CCS) of Utrecht University.

Tags: conflict management, violent conflict, human rights, conflict studies, religion, power, civil war

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Prof. dr. Georg Frerks


The programme is especially designed for second and third year undergraduate students interested in contemporary conflict and in policies and practices of international conflict management. The course builds upon on the humanities and social sciences, but is also fitting for interested students from related or other disciplines.


The aim of this course is to provide the student with a state-of-the art introduction on contemporary conflict, to review existing explanatory approaches and major policies and instruments of international conflict management.


Fulltime course, various lectures & seminars combined with self study and course assignments.


• € 1130 - Course + course materials + housing
• € 750 - Course + course materials

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