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Curriculum Design: Creating 21st-Century Lesson Material

Organizing institution
HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht - Education and Pedagogics
Course code
Course fee (excl. housing)
€ 900.00

21st-century pupils require 21st-century lessons. Are you bored using the same text books and materials that have been around forever? Wouldn’t you like creating exciting blended lessons which can be taught by flipping your classroom and can be streamlined towards your pupils’ individual needs? Then Curriculum Design is what you should be doing. Team up with another discipline and teach English using CLIL. Design lessons in a blended environment on a platform combining your creative skills with the technology available to do it. Create lessons your pupils will be enthusiastic about and will love doing.

The course starts with a needs analysis and selecting a target group. Next, the CLIL discipline has to be established and then a theme can be chosen. What does this mean?

•    Needs analysis - Which class needs new/better/different material?
•    Target group - What is the level of the class you will be designing lessons for?
•    CLIL discipline - With which other subject will you team up? Example: History
•    Theme? - World War I

Next step is to decide on four topics within the theme, decide on the language skills and the grammar content.
Whilst doing this, we will explore the educational theories that support this type of tuition.
We then follow the steps of Gerard Westhoff:

•    Significant INPUT
•    Effective grammar PROCESSING
•    Effective vocabulary PROCESSING
•    Significant OUTPUT

Now the exciting bit starts. We explore the online platform stHUbl and build the course, using exciting new tools to make language teaching a 21st century activity.
Once finished the different platforms will be presented to all the students for feedback and final marking.

Has this whet your appetite? Feel free to contact the course director for more information. Looking forward to creative sessions with you during the summer in Utrecht!

Download the day-to-day programme (PDF) Apply online now!

Course director

Jenny du Plessis

Target audience

Student teachers and teachers interested in CLIL and creating online blended lessons.

Study load

Mornings: working in groups with supervision. Afternoons: working individually


Course + course materials € 900.00
Housing € 350.00 , through Utrecht Summer School

More information

Jenny du Plessis



Application deadline: 02 July 2018