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Excellent Learning through Teaching Excellence

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University College Roosevelt, University College Roosevelt (UU)
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€ 1750
Master level

The Excellent Learning through Teaching Excellence seminar is aimed at motivated and experienced teachers. We call for lecturers who are willing and able to spread the knowledge gained during the seminar among their colleagues. In particular those senior instructors who strive for excellence are invited to participate in the four-day intensive summer program. All components of the course are designed to inspire, motivate and teach new skills enabling teachers to get the best out of themselves and their students.

The Excellent Learning through Teaching Excellence seminar is an intensive four-day seminar that will take place for the sixth time! The seminar is a cooperation between top instructors from Harvard and The Netherlands. After being welcomed on the first day, a state-of-the-art overview on excellent and active learning is presented. This also includes how, and to what extent, teaching can contribute to learning. Particular emphasis is placed on the relationship between teacher qualities, problem-based instruction and excellent learning. Alumni of previous seminars will join to share how the program affected their teaching and how to profit most from participating.
The following days are devoted to the composition of courses and course initiation, presentation and implementation techniques and skills. Among them how to use stories and metaphors in teaching. Strategies for co-constructing courses with students are addressed. Participants are introduced to the method of microteaching, as practiced by the Harvard center. In addition they work on the acquisition of verbal and non-verbal skills, which are essential for excellent learning. The last day focuses on thinking and learning skills, feedback strategies and formative assessment that help to make existing courses excellent learning environments. Also, participants are assisted in designing their future course and are invited to bring recordings of classes and course materials for further development and improvement with an aim for excellence in teaching and learning. Like the regular classes at UCR, the number of participants in the seminar is small, max. 28, to encourage active participation and effective learning. The small size also contributes to participants' opportunities to leave with excellent teaching skills. Moreover, participants are encouraged and assisted to spread the knowledge and skills they gathered in the seminar within their own institutions.

Tags: excellent teaching, excellent learning, harvard university, derek bok center, teaching seminar, psychology, microteaching

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Prof. Dr. René Diekstra


Dr. Terry Aladjem (Harvard)
Dr. Virginia Maurer (Harvard)
Prof. dr. Sofie Loyens (UCR)
Prof. dr. Remy Rikers (UCR)
Dr. Alexei Karas (UCR)
(changes may occur)


The program is especially designed for senior teachers and senior instructors at higher educational institutions.


After completing this course, instructors will be able to:
1. Independently design a high-quality, excellent learning enhancing and engaging course that has a clear place within the curriculum: a. Position the course within the curriculum b. Develop a course manual that not only provides students with a clear overview of the course but also a sense of purpose c. Develop appropriate formative and summative assessment methods for the course d. Design appropriate in-class educational activities with a strong emphasis on action and interaction
2. Develop a productive and inspiring working relationship with students (i.e., developing the classroom as a safe space). Establish the rules of engagement in the classroom b. Exchange positive and constructive feedback with students c. Create a relaxed atmosphere (e.g. by means of humor, personal anecdotes) d. Convey to the students concern for them as individuals e. Stimulate students to take responsibility for their own learning
3. Foster learning by using a variety of educational activities
4. Foster learning by continuously and actively gathering and using student feedback
5. Improve their teaching through student feedback and allow for course co-construction on the base of that


4 days of approximately 8 hours.


• € 1750 - Course + course materials + lunch

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Deadline for registration: 01 September 2017

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