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Application closed
You will experience the stimulating, international environment in our research laboratories and grasp first hand the meaning of interdisciplinary science. We wi...
Utrecht University
Advanced bachelor level
3.0 ECTS
03-07-2017 - 14-07-2017
2 week(s)
€ 600
Application closed
Brain function depends on effective processing and integration of information within a complex network of neural interactions, forming a network we know as the ...
Utrecht University
PhD level
0.0 ECTS
10-07-2017 - 14-07-2017
1 week(s)
€ 850
Application closed
Discoveries in the biological sciences increasingly require combining sophisticated technologies, quantitative measurements, and theoretical approaches such as ...
Utrecht University
Master level
1.5 ECTS
03-07-2017 - 07-07-2017
1 week(s)
€ 350
Application closed
We can see around us how diseases can spread in a population, how difficult it is to control outbreaks, and how the public and political responses impact the me...
University College Roosevelt
Bachelor level
2.0 ECTS
16-01-2017 - 19-01-2017
1 week(s)
€ 395