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Innovation in European Business - Track

Organizing institution
Utrecht Summer School
Course code
Course fee (incl. housing)
€ 3195

This track is closed for applications

Innovation is key for companies to adapt to a rapidly changing business environment, and is arguably the most important factor for long-term organizational success. During this track we will introduce you to the drivers and challenges of innovation in Europe, and provide you with in-depth knowledge, insights and experiences. We will look at different perspectives of innovation, on an individual level as well as on an organizational level. We strongly believe in learning by doing, and value making our courses as practical and hands-on as possible, providing you with an optimal learning experience.

A special track consists out of a number of courses, which have been successfully combined in the past. Registering for a special track is more convenient than for each course separately and it also often results in a substantial discount.

The first two weeks focus on the various innovation challenges faced by European companies, how governments and business cultures in the European Union (EU) influence innovation, and what traits characterize innovative ventures and people. You will learn the fundamentals of how to perform a trend analysis, scenario planning, and form ideas about innovative business models. By organizing a variety of site visits, we will help you get a good grasp of the various ways companies tackle these challenges and are able to innovate.

During the second part of the track, we would like to welcome you to our innovation lab! Together with a group of fellow students, you will discover the ins and outs of design thinking, the importance of user-experience and co-creation, and experience first-hand how to innovate products and services by getting out the door. Our client will provide your team with an assignment, give input and help evaluate your group’s performance. Of course you won’t have to face this challenge alone; besides the support of your team members, you will receive intense coaching from skilled work-field professionals.

The last two weeks will focus on the role of leadership in supporting innovative behaviour and performance happiness. And what better way to do that than to explore one of the most well-known best practices in this world: Google. Together with other students you will discover the key variables of leadership and how leaders can support innovative behaviour, learn how workplace happiness can lead to improved organizational performance, and apply newly found insights by working together with local companies and helping them innovate.

Special Track

This track consists of the following courses:

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Etiënne Steens Msc
This track aims to provide students with fundamentals, best-practices and experience in innovation within European business. The specific learning outcomes of the programme are:
· Understand what the drivers of innovation are;
· Perform and understand the fundamentals of trend analysis and scenario-planning;
· Have a broad knowledge of the challenges of innovation within Europe;
· Use design thinking to innovate and design services;
· Understand the importance of co-creation and focusing on the user perspective;
· Have insight into the relationship between leadership, workplace happiness and performance;
· Understand how you as a leader could enable others to innovate;
This track requires students to be motivated and able to keep up with a high study load of more than 40 hours a week. This includes lectures, group assignments, field trips and self-study.
This course is open to all bachelor and master students in the field of business, HR, and finance, and to those students who have a some background or strong interest in innovation within a business setting. Students are expected to have a good command of English.

€ 2245 for the course & course materials

Housing € 950 through Utrecht Summer School

Etienne Steens; summerschool.business@hu.nl

Application deadline: 15 June 2018