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International Business Management - Track

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Utrecht Summer School
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€ 2975

This special track offers an insight into business issues in an international setting. First you will take a look at the management and leadership skills you need to develop in a global environment. Next you will dig into the new and established business strategies to offer new products or services. Then we will dive into the world of business from a more European perspective and learn how businesses operating within the European Union perform. Part of the course will focus on the luxury brands from Italy. In Milan we will research their point of view. 

A special track consists out of a number of courses, which have been successfully combined in the past. Registering for a special track is more convenient than for each course separately and it also often results in a substantial discount.

The first two weeks of this course focus on the internal and external environment companies need to focus on. In week 1 you will learn more about (your own) management and leadership skills. In week 2 the emphasis is on the strengths and weaknesses of smaller and larger firms when it comes to their entrepreneurial capabilities and innovation. The next three weeks focus on Europe as a place to do business. During week 3 you will look at the European Union as a business network and ecosystem. Next to lectures, you will work on several case studies and also do a two-day simulation. In this simulation you will act as a representative of the European Parliament and work on the economic future of Europe. In week 4 you will study the trends and business opportunities in the luxury fashion industry. This part of the course takes you to Italy, where you will be immersed in the Italian culture and economy to work on a case study. In week 5 you will be back in Utrecht to finalize your learning with some new insights on business and management. 

Students who are looking for a 12 ECTS credits course are advised to add Going Global to this track to fulfill their university’s requirement.

Special Track

This track consists of the following courses:

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Peter O. van der Meer
This course is open to bachelor and master students in the field of business, marketing and finance, and to those students who have some background and/or a strong interest in these disciplines and economic topics in the EU.

€ 2175 for the course & course materials

Housing € 800 through Utrecht Summer School

Peter O. van der Meer


+31 (0)30 253 7416

Application deadline: 01 June 2018