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Living expenses


Food and drinks

If your course takes place in Utrecht, you should count on spending approximately 15-20 euro per day. This does not only include meals, but also coffee, tea, candy, crisps etc.

How can I cut down these expenses


Travelling throughout the Netherlands is easiest by public transport. It is reliable, convenient and of a high standard. There is a modern and extensive railway network. Intercity trains run regularly between the larger cities. Express trains and local trains also stop at intermediate stations. Furthermore, cities have an extensive bus (and sometimes tram/metro) network. 

To make use of the public transport you have to buy to buy a so-called OV-Chipkaart. The OV-chipkaart is the only valid public transport ticket for the tram, bus and metro in the Netherlands. Two types of cards are available: a personal OV-chipkaart and an anonymous OV-chipkaart. The anonymous OV-chipkaart is a good choice if you do not travel often or if you are not staying in The Netherlands for a longer period of time. An anonymous OV-chipkaart is available at public transport service desks and you will receive the card immediately, whereas the personal OV-chipkaart requires a Dutch bankaccount and takes one week before you will receive it. 

Clothing and personal care

If you stay in Utrecht for a long period, count on spending approximately 250 till 400 Euro a month. You will not only be spending money on clothes and shoes, but also on things like going to a hairdresser, tooth paste, shaving supplies, make-up, sanitary towels and tampons, shampoo and soap. Some students manage to spend less, but this of course depends on your own lifestyle.