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Utrecht Summer School presents: Café d’été

The Utrecht Summer School hosts students from all over the world and from all fields of study. With such an exceptional gathering of perspectives discussions are destined to be thought-provoking. Therefor Café D'été invites you to come and have a drink and tickle your brain with new perspectives. In addition, it's an excellent opportunity get to know fellow-students in an informal way.

Join us every Tuesday at 18:00 in Irish Pub Mick O'Connells for a stimulating evening of discussion. Each night, one of our Utrecht Summer School professors will introduce a topic and pose an interesting dilemma to be discussed. After this introduction all students are invited to join in and express their opinions. In an informal and café-like setting you are encouraged not only to listen, but to participate actively. Beverages will be served during the discussion and you'll get one drink for free! After the Café D'été, stick around for our pubquiz, that starts at 20.00h.

Make sure to check this page for updates, as we will soon post a more detailed weekly Café d'été programme.