Discover Holland day

Date Saturday 07-07-2018
Time 08:30 - 17:30
Meeting point Helsinkilaan
Price €25.00
This is your chance to experience all the stereotypes about the Netherlands yourself. Cheese, windmills, cows, flat land, water, dikes, you will see it all on this trip.

We will visit a traditional cheese farm, where we will get a tour from the farmer. He will explain the process of cheese making and let us have a taste of his own home made cheese. After this introduction we will get to work and make our very own Dutch cheese or butter.

We will have lunch at Kinderdijk (Children Dike), a small village near Rotterdam famous for its many traditional Dutch windmills. Kinderdijk is on the UNESCOs World Heritage list and on this day you will definitely discover why.

After lunch we head towards Gouda. You might be thinking, where have I heard of Gouda before? That's right; MORE CHEESE! But the city of Gouda is not only famous for its cheese, it's also renowned for its 15th century city hall. You will have the chance to visit the historical buildings dating back to this time period or buy some 'cheesy' souvenirs.

All in all, this day trip will be a fun, informative and very cheesy experience you will not easily forget!
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