Dutch Open Air Museum

Date Sunday 05-08-2018
Time 09:45 - 16:30
Meeting point Helsinkilaan, Utrecht Science Park
Price €25.00
Curious to know what the life of an ordinary Dutchman used to look like in the past? Join us to the Open Air Museum and find out! This museum in the city of Arnhem is a unique daytrip in which we will experience the culture of everyday life in the historical Netherlands. The museum is a large park in which buildings from different historical periods and places in the Netherlands are exposed and where history comes back to life! Inside the museum park’s historic buildings, and through a striking exhibition in the entrance pavilion, the fifty topics that make up the ‘Canon of Dutch History’ will be covered. For example, you will come across the wheelwright and the miller, who will be happy to give you a demonstration of their work, but you can also see how beer is brewed in the traditional way!

In this park you will experience and enjoy all that is Dutch in one day. Stroll around the park, eat traditional Dutch poffertjes or try some Dutch liquorice (if you dare) and enjoy your one-day journey through Dutch life from past to present!
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