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Date 31-07-2018
Time 20:00 - 00:00
Meeting point Mick OConnells, Jansdam 3, 3512 HA Utrecht
Price € 0.00
Availability No registration is required
So you think you know which Dutch painter cut of a part of his ear?
Then be smart and share your knowledge of facts with us during our pubquiz!

Every Tuesday we will host a pubquiz in Irish pub Mick O'Connells. In small teams you will answer a set of questions whilst enjoying a drink. The questions cover a large variety of subjects; music, sports, geography, history, you name it. Compete in the quiz, enjoy your drinks, and most of all: socialize with your Summer School friends and the locals! The winning team will not leave empty handed.

We start at 8 pm, so please make sure you are on time.

Psst, the answer is... Vincent van Gogh of course!
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