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Utrecht’s canals and wharves form a true world attraction. No other city on the planet has as many pedestrian quayside paths. They were put there centuries ago to provide access to the cellars under buildings beside the canals. Currently restaurants and boutiques occupy many of these cellars. The wharves themselves are always busy and along the water one can find many good places to eat.

The Dom Tower is deservedly the pride, centre and roof of the city of Utrecht. The tower is more than 600 years old, is the highest in the Netherlands, and has a rich history. It rises 112 metres above the Cathedral, far above the city. Climb the 465 steps with a guide and you will be rewarded with a fantastic view over Utrecht's characteristic canals, wharves and medieval churches. One»s eye is also drawn to the Netherlands' largest covered shopping centre Hoog Catharijne, and the Central Train station where a jumble of tracks meet.