Paediatric Sport and Exercise Medicine

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Utrecht University - Faculty of Medicine
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€ 595.00
Advanced Bachelor
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Exercise is Medicine for healthy children as well as for children with chronic disease. This course will give a thorough introduction in paediatric sport and exercise medicine. During this week we will summarize the current evidence regarding clinical pediatric exercise physiology and the role of exercise as medicine. Moreover skills will be practiced regarding anthropometrics, exercise testing, and test interpretation. We will also give a workshop about how to measure physical activity.
Paediatric health professionals now acknowledge the utility of exercise and exercise testing in diagnosis, treatment, and the primary and secondary prevention of chronic childhood conditions. Exercise testing has also been acknowledged as a useful tool in the monitoring of disease states and in assessing response to therapy. In this course we will summarize and discuss some of the current evidence and understanding of clinical paediatric exercise physiology focusing on the work our research group in the Wilhelmina Children's Hospital and others have performed in the last decade in a variety of chronic conditions. Moreover, seval external experts will be invited and share their experience with the group.
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Course director

Dr. Tim Takken


Tim Takken PhD
Erik Hulzebos PhD
Marco van Brussel PhD
Marcella Burghard, MSc Eero Haapala PhD (Jyvaskyla Finland) Olav Versloot PhD(c) Sarah Moore PhD (Vancouver Canada) Manon Bloemen PhD & more

Target audience

Students with a background in physiology, exercise science, nutrition or medicine. Also pediatric health care professionals (in training) are welcome.

Course aim

This course aims to increase students knowledge about paediatric sports end exercise medicine. In addition, the lectures and practical sessions provide the students more insight in the clinical exercise physiology research performed in the Wilhelmina Childrens Hospital of the UMC Utrecht and in the Shared Utrecht Pediatric Exercise Research Laboratory (SUPER-lab) as well as the research performed by the invited experts.

Study load

The course consists of lectures provided by experts (2-4h daily) and tutorials in the morning. In the afternoon practical sessions are scheduled.
Presentations are scheduled on the last morning of the week (Friday morning).


Course fee
€ 595.00
Housing fee
€ 200.00

Housing through Utrecht Summer School

More information

Tim Takken, PhD
Medical Physiologist / Associate Professor. Departmend of Medical Physiology, Child Development & Exercise Center,
Wilhelmina Children's Hospital (part of UMC Utrecht)

T: +31 88 75 741 18


Application deadline: 15 July 2019